ook als audioverhaal beschikbaar: Off the Cuff, ingesproken door Thomas Dudkiewicz

Discomfort Dialogue

Literair audiowerk (Engelstalig), 6:09 minuten, geselecteerd voor Rietveld Uncut in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2017

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What is blood without vessels? What is a brain without a mind? What is a soul without any others? What is a culture without a counterpart? A focus on the ‘I’ is tempting: the ‘I’ is a familiar terrain, just as the group is a safe zone. As we are conditioned to distrust the unknown in any field, the systematic brain is a terrifying place for the spiritual mind. How do we tackle our discomfort towards each other and ourselves? By facing it directly, in an upfront dialogue.

Concept, stem, soundscape en vormgeving: Selin Kuscu.

︎︎︎ Foto door Martijn Janssen.